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23 February 2021


UCC Coffee UK & Ireland is set to launch Collectiv – a new, sub-distribution network aimed at independent coffee businesses and roasters.

UCC has been the sole distributor of Nuova Simonelli for ten years, and for the first time, its equipment will be available for Collectiv members to distribute across the UK&I exclusively.

Collectiv is an exclusive partnership that offers select roasters a unique opportunity to grow their business; by accessing industry-leading equipment on excellent commercial terms – all while reaping the benefits of UCC Coffee-supplied machinery.

Collectiv members will also receive, a tailored rewards programme, technical support and training courses, and access to The Hub – an extensive online resource centre to support business development. Further expansion to the site is underway, with an e-commerce platform selling authentic Nuova Simonelli spare parts set to go live in March 2021.

Marcus Swift, commercial director at UCC Coffee comments: “We’re thrilled to embark on this new venture with our long-term partners, Nuova Simonelli. For over 80 years, Nuova Simonelli has been a beacon of quality, experience, and tradition in Italian espresso machine manufacturing. This is a truly unique opportunity in the market for our members, this new network will strengthen our crucial partnership and create a dynamic, knowledgeable network that can utilise and promote the high-quality equipment that Nuova Simonelli is universally known for.

“We’ve begun approaching businesses across the UK and Ireland to offer the opportunity of membership. We have a small, dedicated team – and initially, we’ll be working with a select few businesses to ensure true collaboration and partnership. Collectiv is a foundation built on trust and respect. It’s a mutual commitment to quality, innovation and the business of coffee.”