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30 July 2018

The UCC Coffee machine evaluation

The UCC Coffee machine evaluation

Whether it’s a traditional espresso machine, a productive batch filter, a super-automatic bean-to-cup or a fast-paced grinder, we make sure every machine we offer is exceptional.

As well as working exclusively with the most innovative manufacturers from around the world, we work collaboratively with our suppliers, acting as an extension of their R&D teams to put every machine through a truly intensive selection process to join our line-up. Only the very best make the cut.

Full technical assessment

Our expert engineers carry out a full strip down and rebuild of the machine. This is the only way we can get a complete understanding of the machine, inside and out.

Efficiency data collection

We collate our own data on electrical consumption, water requirements and waste. Manufacturers provide performance figures, but we have to guarantee accurate performance figures for our market. The only way to do that is to test and generate our own data.

Capacity and quality consistency check

Our machine suppliers and partners are always finding new ways to improve and innovate their machines. When we receive an updated or upgraded machine, we run a range of checks on the new machines alongside their predecessors to verify all the updated capabilities. This shows us exactly what’s new, what’s improved and what new benefits there are for our customers.

Coffee specialist session

Our team of coffee specialists road test every new machine to guarantee it can deliver quality coffee, every time, whatever the location. They also iron-out the finer details related to coffee preparation covering grinding, dosing, brewing, milk texturing, ergonomics and more.

Field trials

Finally, every new machine completes a three month field test, where we continually check usability and reliability over weekly site visits across a range of role functions, from operations, through to coffee specialist trials. Consistency is everything in coffee, so quality has to stay at the same exceptional level day-after-day, week-after-week and month-after-month.

That’s what it takes to join our A-team roster. Check them out for yourself at our Commercial Coffee Machines page.