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23 July 2018

Roll up, roll up: a smooth roll out guaranteed

Roll up, roll up: a smooth roll out guaranteed

For any business or operation – small or large – upgrading or installing new equipment on site is a major milestone and process. So whatever equipment you choose, whatever your size, you are always targeting a smooth, seamless roll out.

We’ve been rolling out the industry’s most innovative equipment for over 20 years now. And, in that time we’ve refined our approach to project management to guarantee that every job goes to plan.

Whether it’s a software upgrade, equipment install or replacement, or an on-going estate roll out, here’s how we wrap our arms around every customer to guarantee a fast, efficient and flawless roll out.

Coffee excellence begins with collaboration

As with most things here at UCC, we start with collaboration and plenty of communication. For it to work, we need to work around you, your location and your team. So, whether it’s with your dedicated project management group (a feature of all large estate roll outs), or face-to-face with your project lead, we’ll get chatting, get planning and carry out a trial at one location to paint a complete picture of how the plan will run.

Then, a full ‘data cleanse’ of your entire estate takes place. This gives everyone involved a complete understanding of the locations and the equipment being installed. From this, our technical teams and coffee specialists can plan the smartest layout for each site. A smart set-up is a must to ensure service always runs smoothly.

Individual implementation

All this collaboration, checking and data cleansing comes together to create a plan and route to ensure maximum efficiency during the roll out. Do we need to remove old equipment? Are we changing the layout to maximise service efficiency? Are we installing additional equipment alongside the main coffee machine?

The roll out

Then, we get rolling. Every piece of equipment is set up, installed and activated on our service management software individually. This gives you and our team complete traceability and visibility of how the roll out is going every step of the way. It also ensures that each machine is installed flawlessly, and is ready to go as soon as our team leave the building.

From installing 1,500+ machines across a leading fast food chain in six months, to managing multiple 150+ equipment roll outs over numerous four week periods, we’ve done it all. So, when you get your equipment through us, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your roll out will be as exceptional as the coffee you’ll soon be serving.