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6 June 2017

Putting coffee cups to good reuse

For many consumers, their morning coffee is an indispensable part of their daily routine. And it all adds up to a healthy takeaway coffee market – the industry gives away an estimated 7 million disposable coffee cups every day, and 54% of consumers buy takeaway coffee at least once a week 1.

So it’s no surprise that disposable coffee cup usage has recently come under scrutiny. Since the success of the 5p plastic bag levy, which has resulted in an 85% drop in bag usage in less than two years, the industry has been looking for the next waste reduction goal.

Putting coffee cups to good reuse

The Liberal Democrats have already made disposable coffee cup usage a key tenet of their General Election 2017 campaign, pledging an introduction of a 5p levy on coffee cups in a bid to encourage consumers to carry reusable cups, in the same way consumers have adjusted to leaving the house with a bag for life.

And the City of London recently announced a new scheme to help boost rates of recycling of coffee cups – which currently stand at only 1% – by providing dedicated coffee cup recycling points in more than 100 locations throughout the City.

Meanwhile, the mobile pre-ordering app, Preoday, has suggested that technology like its app can help to increase reusable cup uptake through reuse loyalty points, driving purchase of reusable cups, and keeping consumers informed of their environmental impact by choosing to reuse.

Or how about following the example of this Australian barista, who hit the headlines after eschewing the disposable coffee cup in favour of an avocado skin, and launching an instant Instagram hit in the avolatte.

Whether it’s reusable coffee cup sales, coffee discounts for cup reuse, or serving up your Americano in a reclaimed receptacle, let us know your answer to the disposable coffee cup on Twitter and Instagram.

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