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Thermoplan's Black&White machines make it easy to create speciality style coffee. It's literally at the touch of a button.


The most compact bean-to-cup machine from Swiss master engineers, Thermoplan, is now available. Optimise counter space, reduce down time, increase revenue, and serve high-street quality your customers will remember. Deliver up to 30 specialty coffees with perfect milk foam consistently without lengthy training.

How can your business become a coffee destination with one touch? It’s simple when it’s Black&White.

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Black&White3 CTS

With all the same high quality features as its fully automatic sister, the Black&White CTM, the Black&White CTS also offers a state-of the-art steam wand for added barista theatre and great milk.

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Black&White3 CTM

Consistent quality espresso. Smooth, dense textured milk. The Black&White3 dispenses the closest coffee to barista-crafted coffee without the need for a barista. Factor in easy operation, automated cleaning and practical design and great coffee is only a touch of a button away.

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Black&White3 CTMC

The Black&White3 CTMC offers world class milk foaming technology, combining impressive product versatility, ease-of-use, high volume output, and quality components. All the benefits of the CTM with the added wonder of Chocolate.

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