Add value and something exciting to every sale with our range of well-known syrups, frappes, hot chocolates and smoothies.

Drinking Chocolate

Hot chocolates

Famous since 1904 for its great tasting range of coffees, Lyons has now turned its hand to fantastically delicious hot chocolates; so indulgent, creamy and delightful your customers will keep coming back for more!

Zuma Frappes


Smooth, creamy and so refreshing these Frappes will consistently deliver a great taste, every time. With a fantastic range of flavours we can boost your coffee sales all year round. Simply Frappe contains no hydrogenated fats, GMO’S, preservatives or colourings so we can proudly serve you unrivalled quality.

Sweetbird Syrups


With an unrivalled range and a delicious taste, Simply Syrups have taken the market by storm creating flavours specifically for coffee.

You can also use them in a wide range of products including cocktails, milkshakes and even baking! They are Halal certified, Vegetarian Society Approved, contain all natural flavourings and have no allergens or intolerances in the ingredients (including no nuts in the nut flavourings).

Sweetbird Smoothies


Fruity, refreshing and full of flavour these ice blendable smoothies are great for antioxidants and vitamins. They have no added colouring agents, a high fruit content and are almost fat free, so you can enjoy these mouth-watering drinks without having to worry about your waist line.

Sweetbird iced tea

Iced teas

Simple, refreshing and so easy to make these Simply Iced Teas are perfect for every menu. Mix the syrup with ice and water (or soda) and serve - to give that extra special homemade twist add mint, fruit or a slice to a jug. Simply Iced Tea Syrups are free from GMO’s, artificial colourings and flavours giving you a better product every time.

Artisan biscuits
Elegant & English logo

Artisan biscuits

Our range of tantalising English all-butter biscuits are made with only high quality ingredients and a generous hand. They’re classic, stylish, full of flavour and the perfect accompaniment to any cup of tea or coffee. Quite simply a foodie delight that will help boost your impulse sales.