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3 October 2017

Price Watch: September

This month’s report sees no changes to drink prices on the high street, but it’s unlikely to last. Winter is coming, and with it we expect the high street to look for ways to drive revenue through seasonal drinks and offers.

But, will people be getting their coffee fix, seasonal or otherwise, from the big players over the coming months? The coffee market is continuing to diversify, with the high street facing greater competition from independent, convenience and QSR offerings.

drive revenue through seasonal drinks

Phil Smith, head of category and insight at UCC Coffee UK & Ireland, explains: “If the high street names are going to keep customers loyal during the busy winter season, they have to stay focussed on quality. With the coffee market diversifying, over the coming winter months the high-street needs to offer more than just a seasonal special to keep customers loyal.

To protect sales and loyalty, the high street needs to appeal to seasonal trends, but keep quality a priority. Keep the core offering strong, make sure every drink stays consistent in quality and guarantee that any seasonal special is as good as the other drinks on your menu.”

*All prices are correct as of 22 September 2017. Prices quoted are based on ‘drink in’ prices unless unavailable. All prices are sourced in London and may vary regionally.

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