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15 November 2017

Price Watch: October

It’s coffee shop season as autumnal weather drive consumers through the doors. In October’s Price Watch not much has happened on the high street, with only M&S café adjusting its menu.


However, this month coffee hit the headlines as the disposable cup debate once again reared its head. MPs were told that only 1% of 2.5bn cups thrown away in the UK each year are recycled while 74% of Brits say they’d happily pay a deposit on reusable cups. Re-usable cups are becoming par of the course with some of the biggest players, including Starbucks, Pret and Costa all offering a 25p discount on drinks for customers with a reusable cup.

An interesting take on the disposable cup issue comes from Glasgow University, which has separated coffee from cups on their menu to promote sustainable drinking. Disposable cups and lids are taken out of the beverage price, and included on an extras menu alongside flavoured syrups – as an add on for your drink instead of a standard inclusion.

With the issue continuing to make national news, we’ll see whether the rest of the high street follows suit and whether more innovative approaches, like Glasgow University, become more widespread.

For the full low-down on current high-street coffee prices, download the complete Price Watch report here.