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31 January 2018

Price Watch: New Year, new alternatives

Disposable cup waste has started to be addressed, with many high street names offering reusable cup incentives and championing steps in waste reduction. But if introduced, the 25p levy on disposable cups, proposed by MPs, would be the biggest step to date in combatting cup waste.

In the meantime, we’ve seen changes across the high street as the New Year brings with it new alternatives for price, milk and even espresso.


Phil Smith, head of category and insight at UCC Coffee UK & Ireland, comments: “We’ve seen alternative milks cement their presence on the high street in the last year, and the trend continues with Costa’s new coconut milk-based drinks featuring prominently on its main menu board. And Starbucks have also introduced oat milk as a dairy alternative.

“Price adjustments this month include a blanket 5p increase across Greggs’ hot drinks menu. Despite the increase, the new price point still sees it sit as a more affordable alternative to other high street destinations. Costa, is pushing ‘Old Paradise’, its sweeter alternative to its core espresso, by actively upselling at the bar. Starbucks’ recent stateside introduction of its first alternative espresso in 40 years – we expect the coffee to make its UK debut in the months to come.”

*All prices are correct as of 10 January 2017. Prices quoted are based on ‘drink in’ prices unless unavailable. All prices are sourced in London and may vary regionally.

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