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6 May 2018

Price Watch: May

A Spring Update

Welcome to Price Watch, our monthly foray into the high street’s coffee outlets keeping track of any price changes across some of the UK’s biggest names.

This month has seen M&S Café up its prices, but not across the board. Its large coffees have seen prices get a little larger, alongside every size of its hot chocolate. Meanwhile, though Greggs’s prices remain the same, its new look, on-screen POS sees it shift from a menu comprised of both ‘regular’ and ‘large’ hot drinks, to one with a standard ‘regular’ drinks menu – combined with a 30p ‘go large’ option spanning its whole offer.

Following the single, standard cup size we’ve seen introduced by operators such as Pret and Subway in the past, this could be reflective of customers being more prone to a ‘regular’ sized purchase; while a 30p upgrade style offering might prove a better performing upsell than an advertised ‘large’ price list.

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