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5 April 2019

Price Watch: February

We’ve hit the high-street to take stock of hot drinks prices across some of the UK’s most popular coffee shops and after a quiet period, we can report it’s been a month of change.

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In other news. Starbucks’ recently launched ‘Blonde Espresso’ seems to be picking up a loyal following. After all the attention, we took the opportunity during a visit to Milan to see how Starbucks develop its smaller, lighter roasts. Historically, these have been more common with the independents, but we are now seeing this come through to the high street. It’s too early to tell whether coffee drinkers are switching to the promise of a milder smoother taste over the bold signature Espresso Starbucks are better known for, or whether it’s the clever marketing. Only time will tell, watch this space.

Interestingly, in contrast Costa has developed its ‘stronger coffee’. These opposite ends of the scale are starting to provide an upsell opportunity for chains, allowing them to compete with independents who have for some time been at the forefront of developing new roasts.