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20 August 2018

Price Watch: August

Price Watch – August

We donned our sunglasses and hit the streets for one last Price Watch of the summer. As ever, we visited some of the UK’s most popular coffee spots to round up prices across the high street.

While the weather has started to change, prices have remained the same yet again. It’s been a very consistent summer, with none of the big brands making any major changes to costs across the menu. But, one name that’s seeing a change is McDonald’s.

The chain has seen incredible success with its McCafé coffee range, which this year saw the introduction of the ever-popular flat white. To date, the brand has used automatic machines to serve great tasting coffee quickly and consistently, all at the touch of a button. Now, after announcing coffee drinkers as the brand’s “most frequent customers”, McDonald’s is trialling baristas in several London sites.

Introducing traditional espresso into the mix gives McDonald’s something different: a secondary coffee offer to appeal to a different type of consumer. McCafé is already hugely popular, and this new string to the McDonald’s coffee bow opens its offer up to a very different coffee consumer.

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