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2 September 2017

Price Watch: August

This month’s report shows a lot of similarity with July, with the big players continuing to keep their beverage prices steady. However, Starbucks has bucked the summer trend and increased prices across the board by 5-15p, with pricing only staying the same on their ‘Venti’ drinks.

After a summer of stability, we’ll see if the other names follow suit by upping their prices as we edge toward the autumn.

beverage prices steady

While the high street hasn’t seen many changes over the summer, the at-home market has seen a new fad hitting coffee cups across the country; ‘weight loss coffee’. The coffee is said to actively lower body fat, but as Phil Smith, head of category and insight at UCC Coffee UK & Ireland explains, its impact on weightloss is questionable.

Phil says: “Interest in coffees claiming to facilitate weight loss has seen real traction this summer, but it’s not everything it seems. The real skinny on such coffees is that they’re not really all that different. Coffee is coffee, and adding ingredients like ‘green tea extract’ is only going to make your coffee taste worst, without necessarily making a real difference to your health. So, you’re better off drinking the coffee you know you enjoy, especially with lower calorie alternatives to whole milk so abundant on the high street. Hopefully this fad ends before summer’s through.”

*All prices are correct as of 8 August 2017. Prices quoted are based on ‘drink in’ prices unless unavailable. All prices are sourced in London and may vary regionally.

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