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7 December 2017

Think Differently: pairing light roast coffee and dessert

In the first of three pairing videos with The Staff Canteen, Gareth Davies, UCC Coffee UK & Ireland’s head of coffee excellence, and chef Sarah Hartnett, show how to perfectly pair a dessert with a light roast coffee.

Gareth’s light roast coffee, a single origin from Cuba, is paired with a stunning lemon cremeux with calamansi mousse, crunchy coconut and elderflower whipped meringue, expertly made by Sarah.


A light roast coffee has acidic, high fruit notes. Sarah designed the dessert around this roast profile, with the citrus in the dessert bringing out the brightness of the coffee. The coffee itself is brewed simply through a filter method – a Chemex – and is served without milk.

Having the right coffee is essential to the customer experience, and cleverly pairing a dessert and coffee is a simple way to end a meal on a high. Watch the video below to see Gareth and Sarah in the kitchen making and brewing the perfect pairing.

Our Think Differently series explores the relationship between food and the roast profile of coffee. To think differently about the role coffee plays in your business, contact