Our Work With Insomnia

As Ireland’s largest independent coffee operator, with hundreds of outlets and self-serve locations country-wide and a loyal customer base, when Insomnia wanted to renew its coffee blend, it knew it would be a challenge. So, they enlisted the help of UCC Coffee.

Exceptional coffee,
every time.


Ireland’s largest independent coffee operator

  • Deliver the best cup of coffee possible, every time
  • A perfectly matched blend and improved equipment.


An expertly
matched blend

  • An expertly matched blend, designed around Insomnia’s strict criteria. The blend retained all the distinctive features that Insomnia customers love – a dark roast,full-bodied flavour, cocoa sweetness and Fairtrade accreditation.
  • Dalla Corte Evo2 machines with linked Grinder Control System, which together guarantee consistent coffee, automatic grinding and a fantastic final product.
  • Dedicated, comprehensive training to bring consistency to every cup of coffee, including four dedicated training sessions a week helping baristas deliver both espresso and milk perfectly.


  • The new blend was matched perfectly, making the transition easy, with customers unaware of the change.
  • The new equipment and expert training helped Insomnia on its goal to make every cup of coffee exceptional for every customer, every time and counting.
  • With social responsibility so important to Insomnia, the new coffee blend matched their brand’s values perfectly.

high standards

As we develop our coffee concept and open more stores, we continue to work closely with UCC Coffee to help us ensure we continue to deliver high standards and our customers receive the coffee they love. The support and bespoke service UCC Coffee offers helps us continue to innovate our menus and serve our heavenly coffee!

Anna Kozlowska

Operations and Purchasing Manager, Insomnia Coffee Company