Our Work With Chatwins Bakery

Chatwins’ bakery has been a staple in the North West for over 100 years, thanks to its unrelenting commitment to quality. It needed a coffee partner that could bring the same quality and consistency that their cakes have become famous for. That’s where our Total Coffee Solution came in.

the bakery with
quality coffee



coffee sales

  • The bakery that needed quality, consistent coffee - two things it's cakes have always delivered.


a coffee with the wow-factor

  • ThreeSixty Four Corners blend – the right coffee for Chatwins’ customers’ tastes
  • The Chatwins team visited UCC Coffee to find a coffee with the wow-factor they needed. After a day of tasting and samples sent to the shop, ThreeSixty Four Corners was chosen to best match their bakery offer
  • Black&White3 and Black&White4 machines were introduced across the estate, with equpiment pre-calibrated to Chatwin's unique recipe before installation
  • Automated bean-to-cup technology guaranteed consistent, quality drinks, without the need for complex employee training
  • To make installation simple, the team programmed the machines prior to installation, so they could be placed into sites simply and efficiently
  • Fully inclusive maintenance package to maximise coffee availability and uptime, including over the phone fixes, call-outs and spare parts
  • Regular coffee excellence checks with collaborative training and operator guides tailored for Chatwins to ensure consistent quality standards.


  • All coffee is served through Thermoplan Black&White machines matched to the coffee volume of each site to maximise coffee availability
  • Automated bean-to-cup machines have reduced the need for complex training and reduced wastage
  • At first launch, when switching to a UCC total coffee solution, one site saw an increase in coffee sales of 50%
  • Since refreshing its coffee offer, feedback from customers – old and new – stayed consistently positive
  • Thanks to ThreeSixty Four Corners, Black&White machines and and the total coffee solution, Chatwins boasts a coffee that matches the quality of their much-loved cakes
  • Chatwin's have expanded the coffee offer within their business and continue to experience double digit growth in their estate.

the right blend

After working with UCC to sample and understand the coffee taste profiles when paired with our bakery offering, we decided ThreeSixty Four Corners was the right blend for our customers – and we were right.

Edward Chatwin

Owner, Chatwins