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1 August 2018

Our threesixty° adventures through taste: introducing our new single origins

Our threesixty° adventures through taste: introducing our new single origins

threesixty° coffee is on a mission to bring distinct and unique coffees from around the world to you. After a lot of exploration, discovery and adventure, threesixty° has a brand new range of single origin coffees and a colourful new look to match.

Introducing our new threesixty° single origins.


From the legendary Yirgacheffe region this coffee comes from one of the world’s greatest coffee growing countries. Ethiopia is known as the birthplace of coffee, with tales of a goat herder watching his goats dance around with energy after eating a coffee cherry. Who knows if this is true? But one thing’s for sure, Yirgacheffe is the home of incredible coffee.

Our Ethiopia single origin is floral, aromatic, bright and full of citrus notes giving it an acidic kick.

Winner of one star at the Great Taste Awards.


The Mexican coffee scene is as eclectic as it gets, due to a dominance of smallholders. Combine this high number of coffee growers with a varied climate and you’re left with a huge variety of delicious coffee profiles. We spent a lot of time trying out the entire spectrum of Mexican coffees, and this stood out as our favourite.

Our Mexico single origin is balanced and aromatic, with prominent milk chocolate and mandarin notes.


Believe it or not, Peru is one of the largest coffee growing countries – but it doesn’t sacrifice quality for quantity. We searched across this vibrant country to find the best it has to offer, and the result is something incredible.

Our Peru single origin is full of body and flavour, with cocoa and hazelnut notes.

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