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25 July 2018

Our threesixty° adventures through taste: introducing our new blends

Our threesixty° adventures through taste: introducing our new blends

threesixty° coffee is on a mission to bring distinct and unique coffees from around the world to you. After a lot of exploration, discovery and adventure, threesixty° has a brand new look and feel, but still delivers the incredible flavour you know and love.

Here’s the story behind our threesixty° blends.


Guatemala (50%), Nicaragua (40%) and Kenya (10%)

The finest Arabica coffee grows across the bean belt’s most dramatic mountain-sides. Elevation combines three incredible Arabica coffees to produce a coffee with altitude that will take your offer to new heights.

Lighter roasted, our Elevation blend brings vibrant and zingy butterscotch and biscuit flavours.

Winner of one star at the Great Taste Awards.


Colombia (70%) and Brazil (30%)

Responsibly sourced coffee with a story is more important than ever. This Rainforest Alliance accredited blend has achieved balance. It protects both growers and the South American forests it once called home, all while tasting great.

Our Rainforest blend is sweet, silky and full of praline and caramel flavours.

Four Corners

Brazil (25%), Ethiopia (25%), Colombia (25%) and Sumatra (25%)

Four origins from three continents and two tropics. This darker roasted blend is as panoramic as it comes. The result is an all-encompassing, all-purpose coffee. Perfect if you’re looking for something totally unique (and utterly delicious).

Rich and smooth, our Four Corners blend is full of chocolate and brown sugar flavours.

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