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17 November 2017

Our Coffee Works programme. Your commercial opportunity.

The coffee industry is more diverse than ever, with operators facing greater competition and customers expecting more. As such, operators need to make sure their coffee offer is exceptional – from the quality in the cup to the customer experience on site – to guarantee customer loyalty and get the best commercial results in an ever-diversifying market.


We’ve developed Coffee Works, a unique industry approach to training that gives customers of all sizes the knowledge to deliver exceptional quality coffee consistently, helping them to get the most out of their coffee offer.

Coffee Works provides you with a training programme bespoke to you, tailored around your size, skill and most importantly, your commercial opportunity. Our mantra is simple; ‘Measure. Train. Excel.’ Instead of leading with a one-size-fits-all training strategy, Coffee Works begins with measurement, where areas for improvement and any challenges you might be facing across your business are identified.

By discovering areas to improve, Coffee Works will highlight the extent of your missed commercial opportunity, and tailor its practical training around that, so you make more from your coffee potential.

Gareth Davies, head of coffee excellence, UCC Coffee UK & Ireland explains: “In an increasingly competitive market, consistency is more important than ever. To achieve it, you need three things – good coffee, good machines and good baristas. Controlling and maintaining your coffee and machines is simple. Ensuring uniform quality across all your sites and all your baristas is the challenge.

“We look to remove variables and tackle inefficiencies to keep things consistent. So, before we train, we start by accurately measuring performance across individual sites and entire estates. Once we know where sites are facing inefficiencies, and where the commercial opportunity lies, we create a training programme with that in mind.

“From the quality of your espresso, to the number of steps your baristas take to make a single drink, it all impacts your commercial results. Coffee Works looks at your total coffee offer to make sure you, and your customers, get the most out of your coffee.”

Coffee Works includes both hands-on and interactive training, and the Coffee Works team is qualified to deliver Speciality Coffee Association Accreditation diploma courses.

Watch the video below to learn more about Coffee Works, or visit the UCC Coffee UK & Ireland stand at this year’s European Coffee Symposium for a 10-minute taster.