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11 April 2018

LCF through the years: the Grand Crü experience

With London Coffee Festival 2018 just a week away, we’re counting down to kick off by taking a nostalgic look at festivals gone by. Step back to 2016 where our premium Grand Crü coffee brand took centre stage.

Each Grand Crü composition is designed under the same principal – showcase the exceptional and the extraordinary, and create a coffee like no other. So when we launched the first composition at LCF 2016, we had to make it an experience to remember.

We created our Experience Room with the Art of Blending bar, where Gayan Munaweera, our head of coffee quality, and Master Sommelier Ronan Sayburn – the two expert palates behind every Grand Crü composition – took customers and operators through a tasting and education session. Grand Crü Composition No.1 was the first time a Master Sommelier has leant their expert palate to help design an exceptional coffee blend. Since then, the two have worked together to create four seasonal compositions, the most recent being the new Grand Crü Composition No.4 (more on that later).

During the Art of Blending sessions, Ronan and Gayan worked together to get restaurant operators to take their coffee as seriously as they do their wine. They took guests through the key similarities between the two, from how the original ingredient is grown, to the processes it has to go through before it’s finally served and enjoyed. And, of course, they took guests through a tasting of the delicious, original Grand Crü Composition No.1.

You can see photos from the Art of Blending experience below. Or, if you’re visiting LCF this year, you can experience the new Grand Crü Composition No.4 for yourself. The show is the first opportunity to try out the latest composition and, trust us, it’s worth the visit alone.

Visit for more information about this year’s show and to get your tickets.