21 January 2020


We’ve launched a new video series bringing to life our unique data-driven approach to coffee excellence, COFFEEWORKS. The new series, comprising of four videos, has been created with a focus on delivering a quality coffee offer.

The approach is led by UCC Coffee’s, head of coffee excellence, Gareth Davies – who has spent over 10 years in the coffee industry – with the view of challenging common misconceptions and offering expert advice with a commercial and quality-based mindset. Making it easy to eliminate bad habits and improve consistency.


Gareth Davies, head of coffee excellence, UCC Coffee UK & Ireland comments: “We experience many businesses consistently making the same mistakes with their coffee, which often has a direct impact on their commercial success. This is often down to bad habits, inconsistent training, lack of ownership or a combination of those things. We created COFFEEWORKS, back in 2017, to make it simple for our customers to serve lots of great coffee, consistently. These new videos are educational, with a focus on real life operational benefits, to help operators achieve coffee excellence.”

The COFFEEWORKS TV series includes:

  1. Coffee is about your customers, not the barista – Five top tips to ensure the customer is always at the heart of a business
  2. Common coffee machine myths dispelled – An overview of coffee machine misconceptions, comparing machines based on speed, consistency, cost and quality
  3. How to spot a bad coffee – Five easy ways to identify common errors in coffee preparation
  4. Choosing the right machine for your business – Traditional versus automatic equipment – five areas to consider

The videos are available to watch now on UCC Coffee UK & Ireland’s YouTube page.