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11 May 2018

Introducing our new workshop

Introducing our new workshop

We’re excited to announce that our Milton Keynes on-site workshop has seen a complete upgrade, making it more efficient for our service and maintenance team – the largest in the country – to support the installed base of coffee machines here in Milton Keynes.

As well as servicing equipment on site with our field-based team, the Workshop is our central location for machine servicing. Double its original size, the workshop has been given a complete upgrade to increase capacity for both preventative maintenance and coffee machine roll outs. As well as increasing the workshop’s size, we’ve filled it with the latest technology. The innovative workspace has services run on a system similar to a goalpost, where benches can move up to them. This allows each engineer to work with multiple machines simultaneously, boosting efficiency.

We’ve also introduced a new, dedicated telemetry hub. The hub lets our engineers manage machines from afar and pre-empt issues using live diagnostics. This gives our customers improved predictive maintenance to help keep machines running at their best consistently.

The changes to the new workshop are great for our engineers, but even better for our customers. In today’s competitive market coffee needs to be available 100% of the time, so these improvements will help to keep our customers’ coffee flowing, all year round.