27 November 2019


We’ve launched a new report – The Future of Automation – which explores how technology is solving industry challenges and shaping the world of coffee.

Over the last 12 months, the UK coffee shop market has seen a considerable 7.9% growth, with estimated sales of £10.1 billion.1 Our report considers how automated processes are evolving to further accelerate this growth.

From creating more efficient farming processes to enhancing operators’ offerings with automated preparation methods and technology-driven customer experiences, automation is present at each stage of the coffee journey.

Phil Smith, head of category and insight, UCC Coffee UK & Ireland said: “As the entire world – from businesses to individuals – embraces automation, its power as a driving force for change is undeniable.

“Globally, the automation market is forecast to increase by 30% to reach £3.13 billion by 2025.2 Our report considers how automation is changing the face of the coffee industry, solving widespread challenges from seed to sip. From growing to harvesting, through the supply chain, to preparation, payment, customer service and delivery. For the consumer, automation signals choice and reliability. Good value, quality and consistency can all be achieved without compromise, delivering a new age of coffee experience to all.”

Report highlights include:

  • Trailblazing brands and industries An overview of how automation is being embraced across other industries such as manufacturing, consumer home goods and hospitality
  • Driving the coffee supply chain How automated technologies are increasing efficiency for farmers and operators
  • Smarter tech, better service? A closer look into how automation is changing the future role of the barista
  • What consumers think New research into what consumers expect when drinking coffee out-of-home
  • Coffee delivery Will the Uber Eats and Deliveroo model work for future coffee delivery? Drone delivery innovations and forecasts for the future
  • Telemetry: insights for the operator How data insights enable operators to make smart decisions for their entire coffee estate

Please click here to visit the Future of Automation website where the report can be downloaded in full.


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