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14 May 2020

Giving back with NHS Grampian

Among our NHS heroes is the fantastic team of staff and volunteers at the NHS Grampian Endowment Fund.

The charity is creating and delivering over 500 comfort boxes to every ward, team, location and department throughout Grampian, including Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital and a raft of care homes.

We’ve donated 2,500 Lyons Go-Joe coffee bags to be included in the boxes, to help show our appreciation and keep the recipients go(joe)ing with a proper cup of coffee. The comfort boxes provide treats, snacks and toiletries to NHS staff and patients to boost morale and help care for their wellbeing during the current crisis.

NHS Grampian endowment fundThe NHS Grampian Endowment Fund was set up to safeguard donations made by patients, families and users of health services in the Grampian region. All donations the charity receives are used to ‘make a difference’ to the care of patients and families, including provision of cutting-edge medical equipment, major disease research grants and extras to make patients’ hospital stays more comfortable.

The charity has contributed a phenomenal £100,000 from the COVID-19 Support Fund for the comfort box campaign and is now providing iPads for patients and other care initiatives, as part of its ongoing response to the coronavirus crisis.

To find out more about their work or to donate, visit: