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16 March 2018

Exceptional milk in three simple steps

Whether it’s for a latte or a cappuccino, an exceptional espresso needs smooth, silky milk to make the perfect coffee. But how do you get perfect milk, every time?

Whenever and wherever we’re training, we look to keep things simple. Cut out variables and get the basics right to guarantee quality coffee, consistently. So, in that spirit, we’ve kept things simple with our three-step guide and video to getting your milk right.

Step one: perfect placement

The steam arm affects the texture and temperature of your milk from the moment you turn it on. So, getting it in the right place at the start is key. Place the end of the steam arm in the middle of the jug, slightly off-centre to the left. Get the positioning right before turning on the steam.

Step two: position the jug

Once you’ve got your steam arm in place, tilt the jug slightly towards you and turn on the steam. This helps get the angles right and allows you to see what you’re doing, which is always useful.

Step three: tap and swirl

Keep the jug steady and the steam arm on until the milk reaches the desired texture for your drink. When it’s finished remove the steam arm and keep swirling the jug until the milk shines. Give it a (gentle) tap on a surface and get pouring. And make sure to clean your steam arm after every use.

See all these steps in action here:

The above is just a taste of our training. Keep an eye on the blog in the coming weeks for more guides, or visit our Coffee Works page to see our approach to training in more detail.