Nuova Simonelli Musica Lux 1 Group

Nuova Simonelli Muscia Lux 1 Group

There’s a reason Simonelli Group’s traditional espresso machines take centre stage at the World Barista Championships – their solid performance, accuracy and quality are unmatched. Its technology provides baristas with revolutionary temperature control and guarantees world-class performance and consistently great tasting espresso. Achieve your coffee ambitions.

Elegance & quality combined.

Purposefully designed for smaller premises that strive for perfection, the Musica is a high-performance machine with built in professional components.


Musica is a high-performance machine with professional components such as the 58mm portafilter, a high-quality copper boiler that is heat insulated for the best energy efficiency, the temperature compensated group and the high productivity steam wand.


The elegant button pad with backlit soft-touch buttons (with brightness adjustment) is an intuitive instrument panel with indicator lights (no water and heating element on). The volumetric dosing system can store up to three different dose settings.


The hardwearing stainless steel has an elegant and
compact design.


The original lit edges (from tiny LEDs with low power inputs) on this “LUX” version gives Musica a note of original refinement.


This model includes the ‘Professional Pack’ which adds an Over Pressure Vale (OPV) and a pressure stat for the best possible espresso extraction.


High steam production, soundproofed pump, insulated boiler with heat exchanger.


Number of groups: 1 – Heating element: 1200Kw – Boiler size: 2 litres