Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II T3 2 Group

Aurelia II T3
2 Group

There’s a reason Simonelli Group’s traditional espresso machines take centre stage at the World Barista Championships – their solid performance, accuracy and quality are unmatched. Its T3 technology provides baristas with revolutionary temperature control and guarantees world-class performance and consistently great tasting espresso. Achieve your coffee ambitions.

T3 Technology temperature control

World Barista Championship approved T3 Technology was developed by Simonelli with the support of university research and work with the world’s leading Baristas. It allows for complete ownership of the temperature at each delivery phase, giving experienced baristas the freedom to adapt the Aurelia’s capabilities to extract desired flavour profiles.


With controllable parameters, you can adapt the Aurelia II around your needs. Thanks to the innovative TFT graphic display with rotary control, making precise changes is easier than ever. This advanced technology is encased in the highest quality materials, built by Nuova Simonelli’s expert team in Italy, making it as reliable as it is versatile.


The Soft Infusion System (SIS) gently pre-wets the coffee cake, allowing gentle, even extraction resulting in maximum flavour.


Ergonomic design, high-visibility work surface, semi-automatic cleaning, and TFT graphic display.

Bespoke output parameters: volumetric dosing, shot timing, group temperature, energy saving settings, water and steam boiler temperature.


Number of groups: 2 – Heating element: 7300Kw – Boiler size 14 litres

Key features