Black&White4 CTM2

The future of automation has arrived. With intelligent design and precision engineering, Black&White4 is for high volume operators who deliver consistent quality coffee at scale. With advanced technology, it produces unrivalled extraction consistency, perfect milk temperature, texture and taste, temperature stability and allows easier maintenance with instantly exchangeable modules. All while being capable of preparing the UK’s bestselling coffees up to 20% faster.

Precision. Performance. Power

Fast, consistent coffee preparation

Up to 28%* capacity improvement and drink dispense speed with ThermoCycle™ technology, whilst maintaining coffee quality and consistency. Clever configuration also promotes multiple machine combinations to maximise counter space and boost capacity.

ThermoShot™ – intelligent espresso

Black&White4 boasts the smartest super-automatic espresso extraction ever developed. Self-calibrating the Black&White4 measures core variables and micro-adjusts for unrivalled consistency and exceptional flavour profiles.

ThermoFoam™ – superior milk foam

Thermoplan’s new steam-based system monitors milk texture and temperature. The original micro foam innovators.

ThermoProof™ – temperature stability

Teflon and Peek material insulators prevents heat loss and keeps coffee temperature stable resulting in consistent extraction.

Maintenance made easy

Instantly exchangeable dual modules and plug + play ThermoLinks™ connectors enable a smooth, fast, and flawless transition, supporting up to 30%*/** reduction in downtime.


2-way remote access platform that provides you with a comprehensive estate overview and real-time performance analysis. Managed by UCC’s Telemetry Hub ThermoConnect™ supports proactive maintenance and increases coffee availability.

Key features

10” touchscreen with icon and screensaver customisation
– Infinite menu and drink batching options
– Auto-adjustable spout for focused preparation
– 24%* saving on water and energy use
– 37%* improvement in cleaning cycle timings. Made in Switzerland.