Exceptional build quality, modularity, beautiful milk, and consistent espresso. Over 1 billion cups of coffee are served from Black&White machines in the UK each year and are trusted by the most dynamic quick service restaurants and high street operators to deliver consistent, delicious coffee to the nation.

Made to last

The BLACK&WHITE3 is built to last

Durable aluminium grinders, ceramic burrs and a solid stainless steel chassis deliver durability and reliability. Clever modularity also allows front-end module exchange, minimising down time.

Coffee at scale

A blend of innovative espresso technology, including a high capacity 4 litre boiler, paired with barista experience allows operators to delivers a range of drink options at volume.

Versatile and customisable

A wide range of popular drinks and a customisable LED colour touch screen means the Black&White3 can help you deliver the complete coffee offer.

Key Features

Automated cleaning, exchangeable modular design, cost-cutting 'Energy save' technology, made in Switzerland and cool touch steam wand.