Bunn Multi Hopper Grinder

Bunn Multi Hopper Grinder

When it comes to batch brewed filter coffee, you need something that’s easy to use and that can keep your coffee fresh and tasting great. That’s what Bunn does best. We know one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to batch brewing, so Bunn offers a range of easy to use brewing equipment that guarantee maximum flavour and freshness regardless of scale of service.

More choice, consistent quality

Whether you need a second blend, single origin or a decaf option, MHG’s easy-to-use, front-loading bean hoppers make it simple for you to offer choice, replenish beans and clean after service.


Thanks to its BrewWise(TM) wireless functionality, the intelligent smart hoppers communicate the type of coffee being used to the grinder. Alongside programmable recipes, this guarantees the right grind and batch size for each coffee, every time.


Thanks to Bunn’s precision grinding burrs, every grind is as consistent and high-quality as the last.


LCD alphanumeric display, programmable recipe parameters and compatible with ICB and Thermofresh brewers.