Black&white 4 CTS

Black&white 4 CTS
Unrivalled Speed.
Consistent Quality.
Ultimate Versatility.

Grow your coffee offer with our ground-breaking semi-automatic espresso machine. Exceptional espresso, perfectly blended with any textured milk, with the theatre of a fully-automated steam wand.

Achieve consistently outstanding coffee up to 20% faster than a traditional machine, saving labour and waste with every single cup.

Unrivalled speed.

Effortlessly craft perfect drinks up to 20% faster. Embrace busy periods, by ensuring everyone gets served efficiently.

Free up your time from coffee mechanics, allowing you to focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Redefine hospitality in the coffee business by spending more time connecting with your customers, less time on the details.

Consistent quality.

Every business faces the struggle of hiring, retaining, and training staff. The CTS stands out, demanding less labour and skill with no compromise on quality or the customer experience – precisely what’s needed in today’s challenges.

Serve a wide array of customer preferences with ease.
Pre-programmed settings for perfect, textured alternative milk options.


Empower your baristas with flexibility and control while leveraging advanced automation capabilities.

Versatile Expertise:
Limitless extraction capabilities from ristretto to Lungo.
ISQ system for perfect & limitless espresso extraction.
Harness intuitive milk automation systems.
Ideal for passionate, well-trained baristas.

Manual Control Options:
Switch to manual mode for baristas to dial in recipes.
Configure steam temp/pressure based on their expertise.

Black & white 4 CTS
Automated excellence.
ultimate versatility.

Durable aluminium grinders, ceramic burrs and a solid stainless steel chassis deliver durability and reliability. Clever modularity also allows front-end module exchange, minimising down time.

Barista-level Customisation:

Elevate your coffee experience with the automated touch of the manual steam wand, offering the charm of barista-made coffee.

Intuitive UI:

Navigate effortlessly with a traditional steam UI featuring a user-friendly push/pull lever.


Maintain hygiene effortlessly with a tool-free, detachable steam wand.

AirSteamTM Technology:

Achieve a touch-button masterpiece with beautifully steamed milk at the touch of a button using our unique AirSteamTM innovation.

Auto Steam Precision:

Automatic steam halts at the optimal temperature, ensuring perfect results.

Cool-Touch Design:

Guarantee safety with a zero-scalding, cool-touch steam wand surface.