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3 October 2017

Cuban Cumanayagua: ThreeSixty° of excellence

We’re excited to announce that ThreeSixty° Cuban Cumanayagua has reached the final shortlist for the Caterer Product Excellence Award for Coffee 2017.

Cuban Cumanayagua is the latest coffee in our adventurous ThreeSixty° range, which launched in March 2017. The coffee is one of just a small number of coffees produced in the region from which it gets its name, and offers notes of roasted peanuts, cinder toffee and a caramelised brown sugar sweetness.

the Caterer Product Excellence Award

The coffee doesn’t just taste great, it has the looks to go with it, thanks to Lewis Snitch. Lewis won this year’s #MyThreeSixtyDesign competition, with his winning authentic Cuban street scene design featuring on every Cuban Cumanayagua pack.

The Caterer Product Excellence Awards judge coffee on flavour, strength, mouth feel, aroma, length and quality of serve. The awards ceremony is taking place on 5 December, so until then, we’ll be celebrating seeing this excellent coffee on the shortlist of finalists.

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