Orang Utan

Coffee through conservation

Orang Utan Coffee – a 100% Arabica, single origin, single estate coffee – is born from a mission to save the rapidly declining rainforest habitat of the Sumatran orangutan. Tropical rainforests provide the special climate that Sumatra needs for its unique high-quality Arabica coffee to thrive. They’re also home to the critically endangered Sumatran orangutan, but only 6,000 of the native primates remain in the wild today.

Their future, our nature, your coffee

Take responsibility

Every hour, areas of tropical rainforest the size of 88 football pitches are cleared to make way for palm oil and other intensive forms of industrial agriculture. This destruction is threatening the existence of both orangutans and farmers alike. The Orang Utan Coffee Project helps farmers who commit to operate ecologically friendly coffee plantations without clearing rainforests.

Great taste.
Great cause.

For each kilogram of green Orang Utan coffee produced, the farmer receives a premium and a donation is made to the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation project and its activities. But, Orang Utan Coffee doesn’t just do good, it tastes great as well, rating highly in flavour and quality.

Orang Utan

Sumatran Coffee Beans

Our 100% Arabica, single origin coffee, Orang Utan Coffee rates highly in flavour and quality, it’s suitable for most coffee machines and brewing methods and is currently available in Waitrose. Balanced, medium bodied coffee with chocolate and cherry top notes with hints of date and rose hips.
Gayo Highlands, Central Aceh
Wih Bersih
Tim Tim and Ateng
Available in:
500g and 250g