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27 April 2020

Reopening Procedure Guide

After a period of prolonged closure, we recommend the following steps in order to prepare your coffee machine, protect it from damage, and get you up and running again smoothly.

Preparing your coffee machines for reopening:

Turn water supply back on at the mains.

  1. Flush BRITA filters supplied by UCC (instructions below)
  2. Reconnect or switch on mains power supply.
  3. Complete full cleaning cycle to ensure removal of any debris or dust.
  4. Fill equipment with fresh beans / milk.
  5. Ensure fresh water has filled coffee machine before proceeding.
  6. Dispense three double espressos / Americanos and three Lattes to ensure the grinder
    blades are dosing correct amount of coffee and milk / water and the steam systems
    are clear and working correctly.

Flush the filter

BRITA advises the following procedure should be followed for BRITA Professional water filters, if the filter has not been used for four weeks or more.

The filter needs to be flushed using the built-in flush hose and flushing mechanism on the head of the filter, according to the guidelines below. Once this is complete, the BRITA water filter is ready to be used again.

Locating the flush hose and flush tap on top of BRITA filters

Please use the below guide to measure how much water to flush.

  • BRITA 1200 – 120 litres
  • BRITA 600 – 60 litres
  • BRITA C50 – 20 litres

Now that you’ve flushed the filter, you’re ready to start making fresh coffee.

How can UCC Coffee help?

If you need any assistance or advice to undertake these procedures, please contact your Account Manager or telephone +44 (0) 1908 275520 for support from our Technical and Customer Contact Teams. We also have a range of electronic cleaning and troubleshooting guides that can be emailed to you.

During these challenging times, our number one priority remains the welfare and safety of our employees, customers and the communities we work within, while minimising the risk of disruption to our service.

Visit our website for regular COVID-19 updates – you can read the latest update here. Or, read our blog for more helpful tips and insights, such as how best to prepare your coffee machine for a temporary closure.