One third of consumers buy coffee out of home at least once a day

7 March 2017

At this year’s CATEX, we unveiled our new industry insight on the Irish coffee market, which reveals that a third of Irish consumers purchase coffee out of home at least once a day. Further, taste is their most important factor when buying coffee, which is reflected in price expectations. Consumers would be willing to spend €3.08 for a great cup of coffee – a 21% increase since 2013. And one in ten would spend over €5 on that perfect cup.

Our survey of 1,011 consumers by Allegra World Coffee Portal also revealed that Dubliners consume the most coffee, with 40% drinking coffee out of home at least once a day, followed closely by those in the South West (Cork and Kerry) with 38%. Counties Kildare, Meath and Wicklow along with the midlands counties (Laois, Longford, Offaly, Westmeath) also came in the top four for their out of home coffee consumption (joint 30%).

Our other key findings included:

  • Women are more brand loyal than men (31% vs. 23%)
  • The Americano has surged in popularity with a quarter of a million more consumers choosing to regularly drink it out of home vs. 2015*
  • The most popular coffees on the menu:
    1. Cappuccino (55%)
    2. Americano (42%)
    3. Latte (41%)

Phil Smith, our head of category and insight, said: “The Irish coffee market is making big steps in terms of quality. And this is predicted to continue to grow with coffee shops being forecast to grow seven percent for the next five years . The results from our research show that taste is the most important factor for Irish consumers when buying coffee. And with one in ten willing to spend over €5 on that perfect cup, it’s more important than ever to get your coffee offer right.

CAGR Allegra World Coffee Portal Project Café Europe, December 2016

“The surge in popularity of the Americano also indicates that consumers are increasingly drinking coffee without milk – meaning that the focus on quality and consistency of the coffee produced needs to be king so that consumers get a great experience every time.”

View the full infographic Coffee Drinking Trends, Ireland here