London Coffee Festival – from Yirgacheffe to Shoreditch

15 March 2017

At this year’s London Coffee Festival, we’re giving visitors the chance to experience coffee like never before – with an interactive live roasting and cupping experience, exploring the journey of coffee from seed to sip.

Having sourced a 92+ Speciality Coffee Association graded Yirgacheffe Kochere coffee for the festival, Gareth Davies, our head of coffee excellence, will walk visitors through everything the coffee has experienced on its journey from Southern Ethiopia to Brick Lane.  

In the immersive experience, we’ll explore everything from how the coffee is grown and harvested to its processing, transportation and roasting. Ultimately, we’ll show how the terroir, altitude, temperature, weather, and treatment combine to create unique character and a distinguished coffee.

The coffee’s journey doesn’t stop there, and neither does the experience. We’ll be firing up our Ikawa roasters, guiding guests through the roasting process as they roast their own Yirgacheffe beans. As the green coffee roasts, they’ll explore the differences in aroma and taste between light, medium and dark roasts, cupping at each crucial stage of the process.

And, having identified their favourite roast profile, visitors will leave the 30 minute session with a bag of the remarkable specialty grade coffee roasted just the way they like.

To secure your spot on the experience on the trade days of the show, please contact Nicole Hartnell (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).