Coffee and chocolate: a sensory collaboration at London Coffee Festival

15 March 2017

We’ve collaborated with the team at Hotel Chocolat to host sensory lab sessions at London Coffee Festival, exploring what makes coffee and chocolate great.

Gayan Munaweera, our head of coffee quality and David DeMaison, head chocolatier at Hotal Chocolat, will host the sessions helping visitors discover the stark similarities between coffee and chocolate as natural products. They’ll explain the differences in how they are harvested and their production, which creates the huge variety ultimately found in each.

The session will include the pairing of coffees and chocolates from the same origins as the experts walk guests through the key stages in each products’ development, and how different flavours and mouthfeels come to be. Having discovered what the relationship between coffee and cacao of a similar origin really means, festival goers will learn how both beans are roasted, affecting coffee and chocolate in different ways. David will also describe how chocolate’s delicate ‘conching’ process can create completely different flavours from the same raw product, sampling a specially developed coffee chocolate. The specialty coffee from the session has been blended into a paired chocolate to create a unique tasting experience.

Visitors will leave the session with a pack of the coffee chocolate and an exclusive bag of Hotel Chocolat’s own coffee beans. 

Limited spaces in the sessions are available to book alongside festival tickets at .