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6 July 2018

A decade of the hottest espresso innovation with Nuova Simonelli

A decade of the hottest espresso innovation with Nuova Simonelli

This year marks ten years since we partnered with espresso innovator Nuova Simonelli. Every change, every new technology, and every design decision – it’s always done with the barista in mind, giving the person behind the machine the tools to make the very best coffee possible, every time. An ethos perfectly matched by us.

Our partnership began with us distributing the Nuova Simonelli Appia machine and Victoria Arduino Adonis and Athena machines in 2008. Since then, they’ve bought a host of innovations and technologies not only to their own machines, but the industry as a whole. One key element of the coffee making process has remained a focal point in Simonelli’s tech advancements: temperature.

Here’s a snapshot of how the renowned Italian coffee manufacturer has innovated the espresso scene over the past decade.

2008: championship control

The Nuova Simonelli Aurelia was selected as the official machine for the World Barista Championship between 2009 and 2011. The Aurelia combined build-quality with aesthetics to deliver the most ergonomic machine on the market. While being the perfect tool for master baristas, the machine remained simple to use and elegantly designed.
Beyond its looks, this machine also introduced the PID system – a digital pressure switch that guaranteed the greatest level of precision when controlling boiler tank temperature. This temperature control technology set the tone for one of Nuova Simonelli’s most impressive espresso innovations: T3 technology.

2011: T3 takes centre stage

Simonelli’s T3 temperature control technology revolutionised espresso, handing over complete, three-dimensional control to expert baristas. With it, baristas can independently set the primary boiler, group boiler and group head to different temperature parameters, ensuring water temperature is perfect throughout. This unrivalled control guarantees pinpoint accuracy at every stage of extraction, letting master baristas make the coffee they want to make.

But Nuova Simonelli’s innovations around temperature weren’t limited to just their espresso machines. They also got clever with temperature to perfect the grind.

2013: perfecting the grind

An espresso machine may make exceptional coffee, but it begins with a grinder. The Mythos I on demand grinder brought micrometric grinding adjustment to the masses. It delivered the most precise grind size possible, residue-free grinding and Clima Pro Technology – a system designed to provide thermal stability and a controlled temperature throughout the grind, every time.

With every new machine it produces, Nuova Simonelli delivers industry-leading innovation.

2018: industry-leading innovation

Nuova Simonelli’s innovation-first approach has continued, assisted by its International Hub of Coffee Research and Innovation. Opened in 2017, the hub works in partnership with leading universities to discover more about coffee, pushing the boundaries of coffee knowledge.

The result of this research can already be seen in two of Simonelli’s recent products: the Mythos II grinder and the all-new Aurelia Wave espresso machine. The Mythos II expands on the technology housed in its predecessor, resulting in the most consistent grind to date, thanks to the next evolution in Clima Pro (2.0) technology. Meanwhile, the Aurelia Wave is innovation epitomised. Its Pulse Jet Technology splits extraction into three sections – pre, during and post infusion – letting master baristas change how long water is injected at each stage. This can help bring out specific notes within specialty coffee to a greater extent than ever before, giving baristas unrivalled control over the drink they create.

Pulse Jet just scratches the service of what the Aurelia Wave can do. This new machine sits at the forefront of innovation, and shows how far espresso technology has come in the last decade.

We’re proud of our partnership, and we can’t wait to see what the next decade has in store working with the leading force in traditional espresso equipment.

You can find out more about Nuova Simonelli by visiting our Commercial Coffee Machines page