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31 October 2018

Price Watch: October

Price Watch – October
From Peru, to Italy, to pumpkin spice

It’s that time of the month where we hit the high-street to take stock of hot drinks prices across some of the UK’s most popular coffee stops.

This month sees the introduction of a ‘Cordusio’ to Starbucks’s core menu, a mocha-style offering named after the location of its inaugural Italian opening. Meanwhile, M&S Café makes space for a Cortado on its coffee boards, whilst also introducing a single origin Peruvian bean with a heavy PoS presence.

Elsewhere on the high street we’ve seen other stores throw their seasonal offers into the fray; both Pret and Greggs have pushed a classic pumpkin spiced latte, while M&S Café introduce a salted caramel latte and an orange hot chocolate.

Finally, changes at Caffé Nero as a consolidated menu sees its surcharge for drink-in customers scrapped for a single price on all its drinks.

You can download the full Price Watch report here.